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Autopilot for the DJI drones and Apple Device...

Sep 10, 2012No Comments

Autopilot was het eerste programma dat ik kocht voor de DJI PH4. Het koste geloof ik zo’n 30,- euro in de App Store. Ik was meteen verkocht, toen

Fly Litchi Review

Litchi was de tweede app die ik aanschafte, nadat

Sep 09, 2012



Apr 08, 2017No Comments

Promising but……….   Unfortenately the app gave an error when I tried to upload the mission to the drone. So at this moment, I cannot give any points to this program because basic functionality (flying

What’s in it?

Apr 01, 2017No Comments

unfortunately I had a crash with my Drone. And after it crashed it felt in a small pool of water. I had opened the shell the same evening, so I could use the hairdryer from

Abstract scene from above

Apr 01, 2017No Comments

Can you guess what this is?

yellow flowers

Spring has begun!

Apr 01, 2017No Comments

Beautiful weather today on the first day of the spring season. Let’s check out the flower fields where this area is famous about. The colors only last for a few weeks, right after the season, these

Active Track

Mar 31, 2017No Comments

How about when you are flying alone, and you want to capture some footage of yourself, or when you want to focus on a object that’s is moving. Then this option is nice to have.

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