Spring has begun!

April 1, 2017

Beautiful weather today on the first day of the spring season. Let’s check out the flower fields where this area is famous about. The colors only last for a few weeks, right after the season, these flowers are topped (flowerhead cut-off). So the plant can use the energy to grow the roots.


A lot of tourists are coming from all over the world, to see these beautiful fields in the western part of the Netherlands. For many hundreds of years, this is the area that is famous for it. Especially the area around the place called ‘Lisse’ is attraction millions of people within a few weeks, to see these fields.

Near Lisse there is a special area called the ‘Keukenhof’ that’s is created to show off the flowers in a dense place, with some amazing flowers and some typical Dutch seeings like an old Windmill. This is one of the most photographed centre in the Netherlands.


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